Rodger & Lynne Schmidt, Church Planting & Leadership Development

Rodger and Lynne are currently in Mozambique and have been serving there since 2001 in church planting and leadership development. They have two children named Andrew and Stephen. Their home church is Galilee Baptist in Denver, Colorado. Lynne attended Baptist Bible College where she earned her Christian Education and Missions in 1989. Rodger attended Denver Seminary and graduated in 2001 with his Masters in Divinity.

Ministry Focus: Church Planting and Leadership Development

The People: "Mozambique is a poor county with arguably 90 percent of the population living off the land and living in simple concrete or grass homes. Mozambicans, when given the opportunity, are extremely hard working industrious and entrepreneurial people. Fifty percent of the population is under age 15 and desire an education and better way of life."

Major Challenges: "Mozambicans are overwhelmed with the confusing pseudo Christian/animistic teachings of the Zionist, Apostolic, Universal and other traditional churches. These groups all teach variations on the theme of Christianity, but almost all focus on and enforce ancestor worship and animal sacrifice, binding the people to fear and darkness. In the end, most Mozambicans are left afraid, bound to ancestral obligations, confused and without hope."

Prayer Requests: "Pray that the bondage of ancestor worship, Western materialism and spiritual darkness will be broken through by the love of Jesus, his word and God’s people walking hand in hand and side by side."

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