Wondering About God?

I need answers to life!  Can I find them in the Bible?  How do I know the Bible is true?  How did the Bible come to be?  How do I know it's been translated correctly?  How can It seems confusing to me -- how can I understand it?  Does it really matter what I believe?  Doesn't everyone go to heaven if they're just sincere in their faith?  Was Jesus a real person?  Can I relly know him?  Can I know for sure if I'm going to go to Heaven?  Can I ever find real peace in this life?
Are these questions you've found yourself asking?  Then this class is for you.  Come as we answer these questions and many more.

WHAT: Seeker's and new believer's class

WHEN: Sunday mornings before worship at 9:45am-10:45am (This will be a weekly, ongoing class, held during our regular Sunday School hour)

WHERE: Intermountain Baptist Church- 4770 South 1940 West in Taylorsville

WHO: The class is for anyone who is seeking truth, or a newer believer desiring to learn more about the Christian faith

"No question is a dumb question." 

Come and bring your friends & and your questions!