Beliefs, Values, Purpose & Vision

Intermountain Baptist Church

Beliefs, Values, Purpose & Vision

We believe in one Holy God, creator of all, who exists in perfect community as Father, Son and Spirit.  Therefore we will worship Him, pursuing holiness in our lives and unity in the life of His church.

We believe God the Father is loving; perfect in justice and merciful in forgiveness.  Therefore we will demonstrate God’s love to others.

We believe Jesus, fully God and fully man, was crucified for sin, rose and lives as Lord, reconciling us to God. Therefore we will seek opportunities to proclaim Jesus as God’s only way of salvation.

We believe the Holy Spirit empowers God's work of redeeming the lost, and enables believers for godly living and service. Therefore we will choose to live and witness in His power.

We believe the Bible, God’s true and complete word, is His message of hope and the final authority for a life of faith.  Therefore we will submit to its authority and trust its sufficiency to transform lives.

We believe the church is a community of believers chosen by God to share Christ’s love as we grow together into His likeness. Therefore we will be devoted to each other and to reaching the lost for Christ.

We believe that worship is a Spirit-led response to all God is and does.  Therefore we will strive to know Him better, longing to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

We believe prayer is the privilege of believers to converse with the Holy God, knowing He listens and responds.  Therefore we will gratefully pray.


Purpose: IBC exists to invite people into community with God and His people, equipping them to follow and serve Christ.


Vision: Being a community in Christ; reaching our community for Christ.